Blanket Ladders

4'-6' Blanket Ladders


Built to Last

At JustKnotWood, we believe that every product you place in your home or business should be made to last a lifetime. We achieve this by only using real wood in our hand crafted products. No press board, no particle board. Period. Imagine no longer being concerned with replacing a sagging shelf, a flimsy storage solution or the dreaded water damage on a particle board product. You will simply be able to sit back and enjoy time with friends and family knowing that your products from JustKnotWood will be strong, stylish and there for you when you need them. Big box stores have been importing home decor items and treating them as consumables for far too long. Get something you can pass down for generations. Shop our ever growing collections and join our newsletter for special offers and new product releases. 

Industrial Shelves

Industrial floating shelves